Changing the Lives of Alaskans

Volunteers of America Alaska has helped Alaska's most vulnerable since 1981. Over the years, our services have grown to include programs that meet the needs of children, adolescents, families and seniors.

Adolescent Treatment Services:

Helping adolescents overcome substance addiction was Volunteers of America Alaska's first mission when founded in 1981. The call to help Alaskan adolescents struggling with addiction remains as necessary now as it was back then. Volunteers of America Alaska helps over 600 families each year through our residential facility (ARCH) and outpatient program (Assist.)

Affordable Housing:

Volunteers of America Alaska believes housing is a powerful foundation for life, and we are increasing efforts to provide affordable housing throughout the state of Alaska.

Grandfamiles Network:

The population of grandparents raising their grandchildren is quickly growing in Alaska. Our Grandfamilies Network Program offers these families a lifeline for support and services.

Prevention and Intervention Services:

Volunteers of America Alaska's goal is to prevent adolescent substance abuse before it escalates. Healthy Voices Healthy Choices (HVHC) is a grassroots, community effort to raise awareness and understanding of the harmful effects drugs and alcohol have on youth development. PRIME For Life provides a 20-hour alternative to suspension program for youth suspended from the Anchorage School District.

Restorative Justice Services:

Volunteers of America Alaska’s Youth Restitution Program works to reduce recidivism among low-risk, first-time juvenile offenders in Anchorage.