Restorative Justice Services

Alcohol & Drug Information School (ADIS)

Volunteers of America Alaska’s Restorative Justice Program offers timely and effective legal process monitoring for youth offenders. The program promotes personal accountability by ensuring youth follow through with court-mandated rulings. Volunteers of America Alaska believes that early and effective legal intervention prevents youth from progressing into chronic delinquency.

The program incorporate a number of goals that include:

  • Effective contact with the legal system
  • Increased juvenile competency
  • Accountability to victims and the community
  • Restoration of losses
  • Public safety

Volunteers of America Alaska's Restorative Justice Program works in collaboration with the Anchorage District Court and the State of Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice.

For more information please contact:
Charlie Daniels
Vice President of Prevention and Intervention
(907) 265-1912