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What is the Resolution Center?

The Resolution Center offers the quick, informal and inexpensive process of mediation. Our Resolution Center is community-based, meaning we recruit and maintain a staff of community volunteers to work as mediators. All of the mediation that we provide is free to all parties involved.

Why Mediation?

Mediation is a safe, controlled and structured place to work out differences without invoking the formal process of the criminal justice system. It involves two or more people sitting down with a trained and impartial mediator to talk about the source of their conflict and to reach a solution that is fair and beneficial to both parties. Conflict is a part of life. The Resolution Center helps resolve these conflicts peacefully and constructively while empowering victims to be involved in the justice process. All of our mediators are highly trained and professional with a passion to help and serve their fellow Alaskans. At the Resolution Center, we currently offer three types of mediation:

Victim Offender Mediation:
Victims and offenders are brought together in a relaxed environment by one or more mediators. Each party is given a chance to talk about the crime, the harm it caused and their resulting feelings. Offenders come to understand the harm their crime caused and are given the opportunity to make amends through acceptable behavior and/or restitution payments. Victims gain closure and feel safe once again.

Parent–Adolescent Mediation:
Parents and teens are brought together to work out household disputes. Everyone is given the chance to speak without interruption or judgment. The family learns effective listening skills and gains tools for working together to solve conflicts.

Neighborhood Mediation:
Friends and neighbors come together to discuss neighborhood disputes. Whatever the conflict, a trained mediator helps neighbors peacefully resolve differences and restore balance to neighborhoods so they remain safe places to live, learn and play.

All three types of mediation teach participants the skills needed to de-escalate future conflicts without mediation. Skills taught include: Active listening without interruption, effective speaking that is soft and clear, the importance of maintaining eye contact, the use of non-aggressive body language, sympathy, empathy and relaxation techniques.

Victim Impact Class:
In addition to mediation, the Resolution Center offers a 3-hour Victim Impact Class for teen offenders. Participants learn how crimes affect victims and the community at large. Modules address property crimes, assault and thinking errors. The Victim Impact Class challenges offenders' beliefs and attitudes by causing them to consider the real life implications that their actions have on victims.

What is the Referral Process?

Community members, parents and teens involved in a dispute are welcome to "walk-in" to the Resolution Center to start the mediation process themselves; however, the majority of our cases are referred from McLaughlin Youth Intake and the Anchorage Youth Court. As an alternative sentence, offenders may receive a reduction in community service hours in exchange for mediation participation. The same may be done with the Victim Impact Class.

For more information please contact:
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