Public Health Services

Prevention and Intervention Services

VOA Alaska's Public Health Services aim to prevent youth substance use and abuse from occurring in the first place. Please click on the above links to learn more.

Prime for Life (PFL)

VOA Alaska offers PRIME for Life, an evidence-based prevention and intervention program which helps people learn to reduce their risks of alcohol and drug related problems throughout life. This important two-day alcohol and drug risk reduction program is designed for people who have begun using alcohol and other drugs, or who are part of a group where some alcohol and drug use is likely. 

You will learn new information that helps reduce risk for any future alcohol and other drug related-related problems throughout life. PFL provides a clear understanding of how our own biology and our behavior affect our risk for problems. It also helps people understand that many things inside them - and within our society - influence our choices. You will learn how to respond to these influences in a way that reduces their risk for problems. The class also gives people a clear understanding of how their choices can create risk, and the importance of always making low-risk choices about alcohol and other drugs.

VOA Alaska is proud to offer PFL courses for participants from across the state through online delivery of this course through Zoom. We offer two options for Prime For Life: (1) a course for Adults, and (2) a course for Youth. The two options are held on an alternating basis every other week, each course includes two 4-hour sessions, held from 8:00am to Noon on Thursday and Friday.

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