Adolescent Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition

The Adolescent Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition is  a broad-based, multi-sector coalition of community stakeholders invested in preventing adolescent substance misuse in Anchorage through the promotion of healthy behaviors in youth and their families.

To prevent adolescent substance misuse we will:

1. Support evidence-based programs, projects, and innovations that increase adolescent and family protective factors, decrease risk factors for substance misuse, address trauma, and are holistic in nature

2. Advance and advocate for relevant policy

3. Promote efficient, cohesive, and inclusive coordination and collaboration around adolescent substance misuse prevention across sectors to ensure that efforts and interventions are effective community-wide

4. Celebrate recovery and promote the values and lived experience of the recovery community

Partners include: Providence Hospital, Recover Alaska, NAMI Anchorage, Boys & Girls Club of AK, Covenant House AK, Akeela, Anchorage Youth and Family Network, Center for Safe Alaskans, and the Anchorage Health Department. Please join us in these efforts!

For more information please contact Lonnie Ridgeway, Coalition Director
Phone: (907) 265-1904