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A Place for Families Affected by FASD

Homegrown in Alaska and produced by Volunteers of America Alaska, FAScinating Families Workshop is one of the only direct-service projects currently in place for Alaskan families affected by FASD.

One of the workshop’s primary goals is to provide a normal experience full of activities for children who might otherwise be treated as "different" or "misfits". Parents at the workshop network with each other and attend educational seminars on the latest research and strategies for raising children with FASD.

Many of the children attending the workshop are in foster care due to abuse and neglect resulting from their parents’ own substance abuse and mental health disorders. Some are lucky to be navigating the challenges of FASD with the love and support of adoptive families.

Early diagnosis and treatment for FASD is crucial to lessening the physical, emotional, behavioral and intellectual implications of the disorder. The FAScinating Families Workshop is a vital resource for early intervention of FASD.

For more information please contact:
Trish Smith
Community Educator & Outreach Manager
(907) 279-9646