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Help for Children Affected by Substance Abuse

Camp Hope helps children whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse in their family. Typically these children experience feelings of guilt, shame and a sense of responsibility for their loved one's substance abuse. Additionally, they are at heightened risk of developing addictions themselves.

Camp Hope plants seeds of healing and hope to children affected by substance abuse. It offers an escape from the heavy burdens of home and replaces them with a fun, wilderness experience. The camp offers traditional activities like crafts, hiking, swimming, canoeing and fishing, but it also teaches children about addiction and helps them understand they are not to blame.

For more information please contact:
Shannon Schreck
(907) 265-1903

Camp Hope has traditionally been offered to children ages 7-11, but thanks to a generous donation from the Block Foundation, a second camp is now available to children ages 12-14. Please send completed applications to David Carey.


July 10th - July 15th
Children 12-14 years old

July 31st - August 5th
Children 7-11 years old

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