Anchorage Juvenile ASAP

The Underage Drinking Monitoring and Juvenile Alcohol Safety Action Programs (JASAP) at Volunteers of America have been monitoring juveniles referred by the District Court since 2001. The Underage Drinking Monitoring Program began as a community diversion panel which saw only first-time offenders under 18 who were given a Suspended Imposition of Sentence. In 2005, the program was selected to be an official Juvenile Alcohol Safety Action Program (JASAP) for young people ages 13-20. As a result, we now accept referrals for second-offense minor consuming convictions and convictions of record. Clients in the program are court-ordered to report for monitoring by Anchorage and surrounding courts when they live in or near Anchorage or when they live in a remote location without access to another ASAP office. Two sentencing coordinators provide case management for the youth as they complete court-ordered sanctions and report on their compliance to the referring courts. Services provided include:

  • Reviewing and explaining court judgments
  • Close monitoring of progress
  • Scheduling alcohol treatment evaluations & education
  • Verification of completion
  • Forwarding completion and noncompliance information 

Program staff also monitor participation in other activities such as victim panels, if they are assigned by the court or are part of the diversion. First-time offenders are typically required to complete a two-hour Victim Impact Panel sponsored by Alaskans for Better Choices or to attend two, one-hour AA meetings before completing the program.

For more information please contact:
Anchorage JASAP Sentencing Coordinator