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As an Alaskan direct-service non-profit organization, VOA Alaska has focused on serving Alaska’s most vulnerable since 1981. Today, our behavioral health professionals educate and support youth struggling with substance misuse and mental health conditions, while also providing a safe space for healing. Additionally, our public health team is on the front line of prevention, working to strengthen and promote healthy communities.

  • Prevention

    Strengthening & Promoting Health Communities

    VOA Alaska's Public Health and Prevention team works to strengthen and promote healthy communities with programs such as Prime for Life, Kinship Care, Camp Hope, and the Adolescent Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition.

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  • Treatment Services

    Treatment Services for Youth

    Each year VOA Alaska's Treatment team provides inpatient and outpatient treatment services to over 200 adolescents and their families. Our programs offer adolescents struggling with mental health and substance misuse the skills needed to eliminate their reliance on substances and the tools necessary to build and maintain strong, healthy futures.

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  • PSH

    Housing the Most Vulnerable

    VOA Alaska's Youth Permanent Supportive Housing team identifies the most vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness between the ages of 18-24 years of age and places them into permanent housing with supports. Supports encompass daily living, case management, and treatment for substance misuse and mental health conditions.

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